Realme reveal its schedule to push the update Android 10 the identity of its smart

The company disclosed the Realme for the list of smartphones scheduled to arrive to update Android 10 in 2020, where this list includes the number 8 versions of the company.

The company stressed that Realme during the events of the conference of the Realme XT on its plans to support the number 8 versions of the company’s updated Android 10 by 2020 next, you will be paid update Android 10 out of phones Realme through 2019.

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It is planned according to the schedule Realme time to push the update Android 10, to not update all of the Realme XT, وRealme X, وRealme 5 Pro and also the Realme 3 Pro in the first quarter of 2020.

While the update to the users of the phones Realme of 5, وRealme 3, and also the Realme 3i in the second quarter of 2020, also up update to phone users Realme 2 Pro in the second quarter of next year, while do not include the list of update all of the phones Realme 2 and also the Realme 1.


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