Realme is the smartphone company’s fastest-growing, and ranked sixth at the global level


Were Realme busy recently promoting the flagship device of the first Realme X2 Pro and launch it in European markets. According to the report the latest about the status of the smartphone market in the third quarter of this year from the foundation of Counterpoint Research, specialized in market research, it was Realme is a manufacturer of smart phones the fastest growing managed access to the company’s list of top ten best-selling smartphones on a global level not to act, to ranked sixth.

During the period from July to September, sales exceeded the company Realme barrier of 10 million units which led to achieving amazing growth up to 808 percent compared with the same period last year, making them the manufacturer of smart phones the fastest growing in the world. Completion of the Realme more impressive given the slowdown in the global smart phone shipments.

By taking a look at the wider picture, has been Samsung in the article in respect of the shipments, followed by Huawei and Apple. Occupied Xiaomi and Oppo and Vivo the other three positions ahead of the Realme. Earlier this month, announced the Realme they overcome the barrier of 17 million users in less than two years.

Phones Realme made its way now to more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Europe and looking to enter the market of phones 5G using Series processors Snapdragon 700 Series base.

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