Realme anticipation for the coming of a new phone with a front camera pop up in the promo video the latest company

Realme 3 Pro

The sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo to expand officially to China, the sub-brand actually created a site locally with a special page of the company on social network Sino Weibo as well. Police released today a video on this social network in which a smart phone with front camera popup in the top middle section.

The video duration is less than a minute and consists of the song of youth. It’s the official song with the knowledge that the video shows the guys having fun, and taking pictures of behavior, dancing, and other things to stir your interest towards the new phone.

Will reveal the company Realme more about their plans for the Chinese market in the second day of May next, but after talks with the director of the branch Company in India, we are informed that the company is also planning to reach Europe through the e-retailer. It seems that we will have a telephone or cell phone two new at least by the end of June, which is encouraging for all teachers who want smart phones at affordable prices with the specification of sexy.


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