Realme 3 Pro will be released officially on Day 22 of this month, will be aimed at young


The sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo providing the phone Realme 3 in the past month, and in that time the company has confirmed that it will launch the Pro version of this phone in the month of April. Over the past few days, the brand Realme to the thrill of the phone Realme 3 Pro, and now the company has decided to reveal to us that she is going to dislodge the curtain officially about the phone Realme 3 Pro in day 22 of the month of April.

I don’t remember calling anything on the phone Realme 3 Pro, and only on the slogan “Speed Awakens”. Will be a formal unveiling of the phone in the event will be held in the court of the University of Delhi in India, this suggests that the target audience of this phone will be of the young users, especially college students.

In the past, the phone is detected Realme 2 Pro in September of last year in an event held at the University Amity University with allergy similar for young people in the promotional campaigns.

Phone Realme 3 Pro will be much stronger from the phone Realme 3, which was announced by the company last month will deal directly with the phone Redmi Note 7 Pro. Details on the phone Realme 3 Pro is still scarce, but we hope to get more information in the coming days.


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