Ready to fly: the Bitcoin price will rise soon to $ 6,000

Today Bitcoin and altcoins show moderate growth. The main cryptocurrency has risen 3.3 percent over the past day and is now trading at 5237 dollars. Coins of the top 10 in our ranking also rose by an average of three percent. This movement is not as impressive as PAMP in the beginning of April. However, according to many analysts, it was the first step on the way to a new wave of Bitcoin growth up to 5600 dollars.

What’s next?

According to the schedule Credible Crypto, Bitcoin is in the process of forming a bullish flag. Usually a pattern with very high probability guarantees the continuation of the uptrend. In case the upper line formed of a triangle BTC in a very short time reach the level of 5,600 USD.

Trader under the name of The Crypto Dog believes that the above line is the only thing that separates us from establishing a new price record this year. After breaking through the zone level 5600 dollars Bitcoin will very quickly rise to $ 6,000.

Of course, should not exclude a bearish scenario. Testing line 5600 $ can fail, and then BTC retrace to the previous support level. However, an analyst at B. Biddles insists on the opposite — according to him, Bitcoin has already formed a suitable pattern for the beginning of growth.

By the way, part fundamental analysis, cryptocurrencies are also all excellent. It is gaining popularity even among large investors who seek to diversify their portfolios before the upcoming financial crisis. Besides, Bitcoin can bring them much more profit than any other traditional assets.

But millionaire John McAfee has a very specific forecast — one million dollars per Bitcoin by the end of 2020. The other interesting news from the stock market you will learn first in our cryptodata.


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