Readers told whether they are satisfied with iOS 13

What’s wrong with iOS 13? Yes, almost all. At least, the impression may be, if you read the user complaints that they leave on the official forum of Apple support. According to many of them, iOS 13 includes a lot of various bugs from disruptions in the Bluetooth module, plaguing users since the release of main updates, to issues with multitasking, which appeared in the latest operating system version number 13.2. To be sure, is it really so bad with iOS 13, we conducted a survey among the participants of our chat in Telegram and found out they are happy with the current iteration of the OS or not.

iOS 13 is not ideal, but it suits many

Looking ahead, I will say that we did not expect such unanimity in the responses from our readers. Usually they are divided into two opposing camps, neither of which is willing to accept the point of view of the opponents. However, this time things turned out quite differently, and the vast majority of respondents took one side. But most importantly, they all denied the theory on the problematic iOS 13, stating that she was completely satisfied. So how on earth then is it possible in some way to blame Apple if people like this, and they are happy to use the updated OS?

Is it worth to update to iOS 13

A survey showed that users love iOS 13

75% of readers who took part in the survey stated that they are satisfied with iOS 13. Despite the fact that some of them still recognized that without the disadvantages of not done, in General they do not experience any problems when working with the OS. One of the most common flaws of the updates were crashing the Bluetooth-module, which refuses to establish a connection with the media system of the vehicle or turns off unexpectedly the headphones. However, this happens infrequently, so this flaw can be neglected. But the autonomy of this category of respondents almost no problems. This seems surprising because typically, iOS users seldom praised the autonomy of their smartphones.

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Without the dissatisfied, of course, too, was not. Those who are disappointed in the update, with nearly 15% of the total number of respondents. On their part, and received the bulk of complaints, which was so wide that the enumeration and description of all they described shortcomings of the operating system will take more than one such material. However, most often dissatisfied complained of the autonomy, the self-terminating calls in the middle of the conversation – after upgrading to iOS 13.2 – on failures in the RAM which he ceased to hold in memory at the same time more than two and sometimes even more than one application.

Why users are not updated on iOS 13

The remaining 10% said they were either not updated or have not formed a clear opinion about the update. Most of them, oddly enough, is still sitting on iOS 12 and, from their words, just laughing over how many suffer on iOS 13 and don’t know how to fix a particular shortcoming. These users don’t mind updated, recognised they, however, will happen not earlier than Apple will correct all the mistakes that she made. And since to date this has not happened, and to talk about the transition to the next iteration of the operating system is not necessary.

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From my side I can say that belong rather to the category of those who are pleased with the upgrade. Oddly enough, but I have no claims to autonomy or the other system my device. And since most of the time I use not iOS, namely iPadOS that tablet was a better solution from the point of view of functionality, and from the point of view of logic build of the operating system, resembling now a full-fledged working platform, then complain to me, in General that if you don’t count having to get used to some changes after the upgrade.

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