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Five years ago we gladly use the service for Prismatic, which is based on the interests and tastes of the reader selected articles and news items, helping to save time on finding materials. A few years later he, unfortunately, departed this life, but our compatriots from the “Yandex” has presented the counterpart of this service, and we gladly joined him.

How did you know from the title, this service is called Yandex.Zen and allows you to make a personalized news feed based on the preferences of the reader. Preferences are based on channels subscribed to by the user, and based on his interests and passions. We thought that over and decided that on our channel you will definitely want to subscribe to.

All you need to do is go through this link and click on “Subscribe”. Of course, you must ensure that you are logged in to your account “Yandex”.

If you use Zen, you know that from now on, this new service has and official representation By the way, its channels in Yandex.Zen also have our partner websites: (link to channel) and (link to channel).

Subscribe to in Yandex.Zen

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