Re-asking the phone Essential PH-1 four new colors

The company announced the Intel about asking her phone Essential PH-1 four new colors, so after it is released the phone with only the former, then ask the phone to go on sale in August 2017 was launched with just two black “Black Moon” and white “Pure White”, but addresses the global market versions of the new colors starting on the 20th of February next.

It will be the phone available in three options of the new colors are “Ocean Depths” and “Stellar silver”, Copper Black””, and that the colors have a limited number of versions, the colors and the contrast of the colors prevalent in phones this year, it has emerged as the red and blue color on the coast in the past few months.

But it seems that the company Intel does not want to go along with the mainstream, it still destined for the production of the versions of the muted colors, the color of the fourth once its new which made him the best in the collection comes in a color more subdued than their previous, the fourth, which will be put exclusively on the market Amazon will be a gray, it has launched a “Halo Gray”.

It will be the back of the phone is made of ceramic grey color, will come with metal frame matte Silver made from titanium, as will be this version with the new additions of new applications, additional installed on the phone, and the color also released is limited, and its existence is linked to the entry into force of the limited amount I have company.

A closer look at the colors of the new phone:

إعادة طرح هاتف Essential PH-1 بأربعة ألوان جديدة

The colors of the other three would be between them is a difference in the color of the frame, in the color ” Ocean Depths” will be back matte with frame Color gold matte, in the color ” Stellar Gray” will be back gray matte with frame in Jet Black, the color of the Copper Black”” will be back in high-gloss black with frame color copper plated, the first color is now available for purchase, and the second color will be put on February 20, and the second from 22 February.

Recall that Telephone Essentials PH-1 was announced in the month of May has drawn the attention of many users of modern phones around the world, and put up for sale in the month of August was received well on buying it, the price was almost $ 500, has been stated in the Contractor specifications high, bringing the price fit never came out of the Specification, with the release of phones at the price of $ 1000 was phone into the best in terms of price.

One of the most important specifications supported by the phone was his support to find out of the type Snapdragon 835, camera background dual 13 and 13 mega pixels, front camera accurately MIPS and supports video shooting, as stated RAM 4 GB, the memory core 128 GB, and a lot of specifications that characterize it phone.

Perhaps the Mother made the phone power structure, made of ceramic and the frame is made of titanium, and the local Corning Gorilla fifth edition.

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