Razer said that inhibits the development of mobile gaming

Between the release line unusual pink products and accessories available game of this year Razer unexpectedly abandoned its online gaming store and mobile team. The latter, incidentally, is a strange decision on the background of two released by gaming company Razer and smartphones is constantly growing and evolving market for mobile gaming, which regularly remove all the cream the competition in the face of ASUS, Xiaomi, Nubia and Vivo. Despite this, the CEO of Razer Min-Liang tan (Min-Liang Tan) has stated that he is not going to give up and everything that happened lately, is only part of a planned strategy for the development of mobile software in anticipation of the industry’s transition to new generation networks.

Last week, Razer announced that it has partnered with Tencent, the Chinese publisher, which has a direct relation to such game titles as PUBG Mobile Arena of Valor and Fortnite, and together they are optimizing mobile games with the use of hardware and software. In an interview with Engadget tan elaborated on this, specifying how the capabilities of modern mobile games are hampered by imperfect methods of management, and it support keyboard and mouse as well as touch on-screen buttons and even touch-panels that some manufacturers place on the back side of their gaming devices.

Despite the fact that competitors regard these functions as a convenient marketing ploy, Tang said that these gameplay pseudopregnant give a bad experience in professional level games that were never created for such methods of administration. This is just a distraction from the game.

“I mean that if you try to play with a gamepad, which was originally created to control the keyboard and mouse, you at least won’t get pleasure from this process.”

As an example, gendir Razer told about the possibility of aiming in shooters, which gives those who play with keyboard and mouse and those who play on the controller, completely different experience. To use gamepad in such games add the function avtopritselivaniya, and this in itself is “cheating”, especially in cross-platform social games where players are faced with PC and consoles, and if auto-aim is enabled, end users will be affected the keyboard and mouse, but if off – will hurt those who play with gamepads.

To resolve this discrepancy, Razer is working with game developers – now with Tencent – over the standardization of generic methods of control, and then helps them to remake the game from scratch with integrated a new method of control. Tan has not commented on which products can come out of it, but most likely, they will be optimized for Mobile Raiju and other gaming accessories Razer.

Tang also recalled that Razer has allowed third parties to use your effect rendering Chroma and thus zapaterias with such companies as MSI, Lian Li, Thermaltake, Philips, and others that use this technology, helps to diversify the gameplay, in their devices. Apex Legends is the last major game that support Chroma.

Standardization, is working on a Razer, will not be restricted to methods of control, as tan also wants more mobile games supported unlimited frame rates to take advantage of displays with high frequency razvesti – for example, 120 Hz on both the Razer Phone. This year it is expected a significant increase in the number of smartphones on the market with resorti screen frequency of 120 Hz, and even OLED displays is not far off. “Once you go to 120Hz, it’s hard to go back,” said tan.

Razer desire to revolutionize the standards for mobile games doesn’t change the fact that it has reduced the staff engaged in the development of their own smartphones. In connection with the job cuts last month, the future of the line Razer gaming smartphone remains in question, and Tang, as usual, during the interview tried to wriggle out of answering questions about the next Razer Phone. Gendir said that they already gave users everything they wanted to give their in-game smartphones.

Underestimating the Min-Liang tan Razer’s new smartphone really disappoint fans of the company. In the end, Razer released two great smartphone for gamers, and now says that the game has some problems and therefore work on a new generation of devices is not planned. Tan said they might make another game smartphone, but for better gaming experience there should be support for the 5G. And since the 5G network now anywhere do not work the smartphone with their support so far will be useless. When everywhere is 5G, then wait for the new Razer Phone – it’s that simple.

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