Razer reveal the graphics processing unit of the external Core X Chroma at a price of $ 399

Announced Razer for need new from the box processor fees outer Core X Chroma which brings Realtek external display supports laptops doing is trying to PCs in gaming, with the advantage of Chroma RGB.

Razer- new eGPU box

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A new version of the box Card screen outer reveal about Razer support users of computers, mobile do is trying to PCs in gaming, where the unit of Razer Core X Chroma new with the capacity of the 700W, and USB, along with Ethernet communication, and also includes a slot to add three of the card screen.

Also offering Razer this version with a Thunderbolt double featured with unique design, where the supports distribute the load efficiently to prevent, stop touch the keyboard or mouse when the Communication Unit Core X Chroma with the situation.

The company also provides unit Core X Chroma new design characteristic of aluminum with two lighting Razer Chroma RGB, it supports full customization with the Windows operating system through software, Razer Synapse 3, with 16.8 million colors available, to enhance the gaming experience.

This version is supported also contact the computers via a separate Thunderbolt 3, or منفذThunderbolt 3 with the operating system 10.13.4 or later versions in Mac devices.

Recall that the fund Razer Core X Chroma is available at a price of $ 399 is also available today in the market of the United States, that applies to more global markets later.


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