Razer offers gaming console to experience trying to Switch to smart phones

The company launched the Razer latest accessory designed to support the users of smart phones to in games experience Nintendo Switch, where applicable console Junglecat support the users of the phones landed with a price of $ 100.

Supports controller the Junglecat users to experience games will not need to touch the screen to in the games, where they can be buttons in the control panel provided by Razer to make a gaming experience with phones Razer Phone the 2, Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S10+, also P30 Pro.

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Users can the previous phones attached to the phone in the handles of the controller Junglecat, for the simulation controllers in games with some games like game Fortnite.

It is planned that the module supports Junglecat call to the phone over Bluetooth with fast response, with a USB-C support of 100 hours at the age of lading, and call phones landed via a custom application, lets customize the buttons of the controllers, with the Adjust touch sensitivity on buttons, to expect the console at a price of $ 100.


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