Rating Agency Weiss: now is the best time to buy bitcoins

Apparently, not all affected by the bearish headlines, from which no end for several months. In this known research firm Weiss Ratings announces the onset of the best time to buy Bitcoin. Such statements can confuse anyone who is watching cryptosphere at least the last six months. However, this is one of those companies, to opinion which is worth listening. Weiss has established itself as a kind of Nostradamus in cryptosphere. Their reports are always very straight and unbiased, with predictions often come true.

What Weiss was saying earlier?

Writes Bitcoinnews, during the January drop cryptocurrency with highs firm published its first triptoreline, which immediately attracted the attention of enthusiasts from all over the world. Then Weiss Ratings evaluated the Bitcoin to C+ (fair price), and the Ethereum in B (good).

According to the company, their ratings are based on the”thousands of points of contact with the technology of each coin, their use and trade patterns”. Bitcoin has received very high evaluation from the point of view of “security and widespread adoption.” However, he was unable to overtake the Ethereum because of some flaws in the type of a bottleneck of the blockchain and the high cost of commissions.

Source: crypton.su

During the current year, Weiss Ratings, more hits in bearish sentiment. During the fall market in September, kryptering firm has put forward a forecast on which in the next five years Bitcoin will lose dominance over Ethereum.

It is worth noting that the cheaper now brand all the coins, but it remains clear that Bitcoin retains the title of the strongest asset in its class. Now the price is about 15 percent of a historical maximum, while Ethereum is barely 10 percent. More data look at cryptodata.

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