RAKIB: this year the market ICO can grow 4 times

The day before yesterday, journalists told about a possible ban on advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO on Twitter. On the eve of the same solution was reported by representatives of Facebook and Google. According to the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain, these actions will not affect the market of primary placing of tokens. Its volume may increase 4 times.

Great prospects ICO projects

RAKIB shared numbers after the investigation, reports TASS. Experts admit the growth of the world market ICO in 2018 2.7-4 times and the achievement of 10-15 billion dollars. The results commented on Vice-President RAKIB Denis Dosnow.

Most anticipated in 2018 is ICO Telegram and TON. During the pre-sale of tokens is a project of Pavel Durov has raised $850 million from 81 investors. This year ICO has also planned a Kodak and the government of Venezuela.

The expert believes that the adoption of the bill of bitcoin in Russia and its legalization rehearsal will take risks to investors.

On ICO can go hi-tech companies from ablackcar economy and even the real sector.

Also Dosnow remembered the possible restriction of investments in ICO. If the amount is too small, some investors will go to competing markets.

Last year the volume of attracted investments amounted to 3.6 billion dollars, which is 37 times more than in 2016. I hope the experts will come true.

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