Radeon RX 590 in games is significantly faster RX 580. However, it will be more expensive

The day after tomorrow, according to all the rumors and leaks, AMD will introduce the Radeon RX 590. And today, we straight day of this graphics card, as the abundance of leaks is very large.

To start with the less important. In the Network appeared the image of models ASRock Radeon RX Gaming 590 Phantom X OC, RX 590 HIS Radeon IceQ X2 and PowerColor Devil Red RX 590 8GB. Nothing special in their appearance is not likely, in most cases (if not all) manufacturers will just take the PCB and cooler from the models RX 580 and sculpt a new GPU.

Now to the more interesting. Just on the website Videocardz have all the settings of the video card, its price and even the results of tests in games. Let’s start with the parameters. About 12 nm Polaris 30 GPU with 2304 stream processors we’ve said many times. How about 8GB of memory with a frequency of 8000 MHz and a 256-bit bus. But what previously was not known, so that is the reference frequency: 1469-1545 MHz. For comparison, the RX 580 values are 1257-1340 MHz. That is, the growth is pretty good. It will be interesting to see the margin of safety Polaris 30 frequency.

Well to the tests. See for yourself.

I personally confused a little difference in 3DMark and very big in the games. If in the first case is barely more than 10%, in some games the increase exceeds 20%. And it more than showed all the leaks previously. If it really is true, Radeon RX 590 does not seem such a useless model. However, the novelty will have to pay. The official price is 280 dollars, while Radeon RX 580 in the USA now you can get for 200-210 dollars, and in some discount stores sell for 180 bucks.

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