Radeon GPU 20 Vega lit up in the benchmark Final Fantasy XV

AMD earlier this year showed GPU Vega, made by seminomatous technology.

They call him Vega 20, even though the AMD, as I recall, never this name is not used. Also AMD did not mention the settings of the GPU. It is only known that it will form the basis of a professional accelerator, which is due out before the end of this year. Regarding the prospects of playing cards with this GPU until everything is very vague.

With regard to the parameters originally kept saying that this will be the same Vega 10 but with higher clock speeds. Later, however, there’s an alternative view that this GPU contains 4096 stream processors, and 5760-6144. Here I detail wrote about it.

And this game card is theoretically capable of at the right price to make a splash in the camp of Nvidia even with access card for Turing. But recent data indicate that if such a game card in and out, no rustling is not done.

In the base of the bench in Final Fantasy XV appeared the result of AMD Radeon ID 66AF:C1. Early data indicated just that this ID belongs to maps on the GPU Vega 20. And then see for yourself.

As you can see, the difference with the RX Vega or Vega Frontier Edition very modest. In 4K at max speed she is about 13%. And it indicates that Vega 20 Vega 10 is different from just higher frequencies. Accordingly, the playing of video cards with this GPU are not worth it, as it will be uninteresting, even if we consider that the tests took place, and first, a pre-production sample, and secondly, professional adapter with the appropriate driver.

However, always in such cases it is necessary to keep in mind the possibility that the result is tampered with, and in fact it is not so. However, it remains to wait for the release of the accelerator Radeon Instinct with Vega 20 to learn its parameters, and all will become clear.

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