Racing jetpack — in 2019

That in cities of the future are ever to move flying cars, there is less doubt. While hovering in the air transport tested, jetpacks have already reached perfection and is almost ready to participate in fast races. This was announced by team Jetpack Aviation, which successfully tested its dzhetpakov, in which two pilots approached each other as close as possible.

Гонки на джетпаках

The test involved the test pilots David Maiman and Boris Jarry. The first pilot, Maiman, has already established itself as an experienced test dzhetpakov. In November 2015 he used a jetpack JB-9 for a flight around the statue of Liberty. Later he became the sole owner of the certificate the Federal office of civil aviation USA, which allowed him to become an instructor flying on the jetpack.

Maiman was sure that jet packs ready to use in racing competitions. To test his claim, Jetpack Aviation firm during the 12 months studied how to behave jetpacks in close proximity to each other. It turned out that everything was safe of course, if only one pilot will not fly over another and will not set fire to it with a jet exhaust.

The first race jet pack is scheduled to start in 2019. According to Maiman, for greater security first, they will pass over the water. In General, they will remind the Red Bull Air race — to pass through various obstacles and become the first, the pilots will need maximum maneuverability.

Teams will need at least three džetpaka. To get them, they will have to look for sponsors or to rent directly from Jetpack Aviation, which promises technical support. It is believed that the organization of the race will push manufacturers of jet packs to their improvement, which greatly promote the industry forward.

As for spectators, they have to go to the race with ear plugs. After all, we are talking about packs with reaction turbines, the roar of which will be similar to the sound of a passing group of fighters.

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