Racing Google and aweber to dominate the future of search over the car on the maps

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Entered the giant search Google and services ride uber Uber in the earlier structure at the level of the sea by car on the maps, as in the case of you use the uber app in the downtown San Francisco for example, we discover that you can do a lot, where you can rent a bike, thanks to the acquisition of Jump Bikes by aweber, you can hire a car, thanks to the partnership concluded by Uber with the company Getaround.

These are small adjustments part of the draft aweber to improve its service for the ride to platform global logistics, and in the case of the success of this strategy, we have one day to use the network apps aweber each time we want to know how to get to the area, or anything else with regard to access from one point to another, in other words, we will use aweber looks the same using the Google Maps application to see the region around us and how to access any place we want.

According to see aweber the Maps application available on a mobile phone is as a field of new research, expects aweber, like many companies, become the maps as a way of staging its people to integrate their digital lives and material to search through and explore the world around them, but this means that the Search service is about to become more complicated.

Says manik Gupta, Manik Gupta, a product manager who spent more than seven years working on Google Maps before the move to aweber: “the level of detail and precision is the essence of what we do,” and considered points to identify the site as an important issue, as in the case of know Google you’re in Indiana, you get results more importantly, when you write “today’s weather” through the laptop, depending on the use of feature positioning.

Are usually divided the physical and digital worlds, where they are using the search feature when you need to get the information, while maps are used when you need to find out information about the place, but things have changed now, as there are a number of companies that produce maps dealing with the three-dimensional world, so that in case you are suffering from a toothache were to obtain information about the dentist through Google Maps.

And eared gunderson, Eric Gunderson, founder of the company Mapbox that provides development tools for businesses in order to create maps: “in case you need to get to the airport quickly open the Uber or Lyft,” he adds “the maps serve as an essential element of the country, it’s important to understand where the people skills to understand the data”.

And maps to the gateway for many digital experiences, where the companies require, in a manner similar to the way you fought Microsoft, Yahoo and Google with regard to dominate the Search service, to become maps the first application the user can open it and turn to him.

As the saying Luc Vincent Luc Vincent, who helped in the development of the service Street View in Google currently heads the Department of maps and in Lyft: “still moving companies to serve as the basic entry point for all it does to the user, so that this entry point is the maps”.

Expects Google, which has long dominated the sea, the occurrence of this change, in addition to the Maps application, manages a giant sea many of the duties of the maps developed by other companies, in the month of May rename the activity maps this to become the platform of Google Maps, said the redesign, which is the first since the launch of the tools in 13 years, the sex between 18 and tool development within the three categories only, which facilitates the understanding and assessment of the structure of the price more clearly.

As Google began to use specialized sets of potential mapping within specific sectors such as the games, although the mapping tools of Google options offer the most comprehensive companies that want to add maps to their applications, many other companies offer geolocation tools for developers such as the company Tom Tom, the Dutch company Nokia of Finland, which has been buying its service for maps by a group of German automakers in 2015.

Services are considered Mapbox as the most common variant of Google Maps, and among customers the company Snap and Instacart and Foursquare and The Weather Channel and many more, so that longer tools Mapbox is much cheaper than platform tools Google Maps.

Apart from that the service Mapbox does not include some of the Google features such as Google Street View, but there are other startups, like company Mapillary fact based in Sweden, is trying to find alternatives to Streetview, and companies that are looking for an alternative to Google’s often get jobs maps that you need.

Depends aweber on data from many of these services to manufacture vam, where there is a Google services licensed geographical location, in addition to Tom Tom, Open Street Map and other, invested aweber in recent years, significantly in the development of the mapping technique.

Got aweber to small, fledgling companies relating to the country, since the year 2015 when I bought the first company deCarter then bought from Microsoft some of the assets relating to Bing Maps, it uses the company’s engineers digital images in the real world to increase the accuracy feature of the “estimated arrival time” more effectively, with the use of the technique of machine learning to assess expectations concerning the existence of users and improve the navigation for drivers.

And uber in many cities around the world the deployment of a fleet of cars with cameras possible to collect images of their own in order to improve the processes of receipt and delivery customers, in addition to improving the maps feature has, so with trying all of the companies win in the arena on the drive on the maps.

Racing Google and aweber to dominate the future of search over the car on the maps

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