Racing game GRID Autosport coming to Android 2019

لعبة السباقات GRID Autosport قادمة على أندرويد عام 2019

GRID Autosport is a racing game Premium available on the iOS system since the year 2017, and in the end we know it will be released on the Android platform, but unfortunately after a postponement last year was supposed to be present at the time of this year, but with many problems for all. again, where the company announced Feral is situated Interactive to game Its Coming is already on Android, but will users wait for next year to 2019.

Of course the reason for the postponement is that the process of transfer of the game on Android were not going smoothly, and that the game didn’t work at full capacity, perhaps this is the reason behind the police permit is the last that its game will be launched in certain regions as North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, this product that owns its users ‘ Android devices advanced a demand for such big games.

Finally good to know that Feral is situated Interactive didn’t disappoint Android users, and it is planned to up its game GRID Autosport on this system in the next year, and by the way, the game got positive reviews, whether on iOS or on your computer.

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