Quiz: guess the smartphone photography

Smartphones are getting increasingly similar to each other. Manufacturers are trying to meet the trends, therefore, as a rule, bring in the news, on the features that are typical of other smartphones. For example, in G6 for the first time LG has used a display with an unconventional aspect ratio and rounded corners, after all LG manufacturers began to make their devices the same. After HTC U12 in Vogue the smartphone with a glass back, and now difficult to find a device with a metal housing. The same situation applies to cameras, 2-3 main camera have become the norm for the entire market.

This is a test for our readers. We won’t cheat and edit photos devices. To you the original image apparatus. The goal is to determine what is or what devices it is.

It should be noted that this is not the first time we are conducting such tests, however, previously all the images we distorted, even came to the removal of company logos. Of course, in these cases, to determine the smartphone is extremely difficult even for geeks, so we decided to simplify the task. In addition, it can show how you are able to discern the smartphones for what they really are.

In addition, the difficulty in the fact that smartphones, as mentioned earlier, over the years become similar to each other, and have no need to resort to any tricks. For example, whether the consumer to determine the difference between LG V30 or V35 LG ThinQ? To instantly determine the differences is extremely difficult, because they have their own style, which she holds from year to year.

Test results share below in the comments or in the Telegram chat. If your score is 8-10 points, you can consider yourself a man versed in the devices, otherwise, it is better to explore the market of Android-devices.

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