Quick as usual … HMD launches update Android 9 eBay for Nokia 7 Plus

It is known that one of the key reasons for the exit of Nokia from the smartphone market years ago, returns to the delay in adoption of the Android system-sufficiency of their ancient or rely on Windows to the iPhone, which is the other was the fate of his “yard” later, then returned to the company through the HMD he was the mainstay of their success is to rely entirely on the Android system.

But it seems that the HMD, which currently owns the rights the relationship of the Nokia brand in the smartphone market, not only provide Android phones with specifications very good and reasonable prices, it has become famous in short period of time as the fastest company in providing periodic updates to the Android system.

If you didn’t know Google company announced the launch of the final version of the Android system 9 Bay only the day before yesterday, and here is a company HMD begin to release the update to users of its phone Nokia 7 Plus, to have a second phone except the phones Pixel, after the phone Essential PH-1 to obtain the update.

Published on the internet a screenshot of the phone is said to be Nokia 7 Plus got an update to Android 9 Bay, showing the size of the update, in addition to the new features that came out.

It appears from the picture to the size of the update 1173 MB, which brings users of the Nokia Phone 7 Plus the advantages of features like brightness and battery adjustment, in addition to streamlining methods of implementation in the phone, feature applications and actions recommended based on context.

It should be noted that the reason behind the speed of access phone Nokia 7 Plus an update to Android 9 Bay is that it supports program Android One, so expect to get phones HMD that supports the software on the update soon, a Nokia 8 Sirocco, and Nokia 6.

Also referred to as the company HMD had promised to release Android updates Main for her phones for the next two years, in addition to updates of the software for 3 years.

Do you have a Nokia Phone 7 Plus and got the update? We shared your experience in the comments.

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