Question 2018: purchase a Galaxy Note 8 or wait for Galaxy S9’s?

In each new year to ensure that we see new phones of the S series of Samsung and the series Note also in the second half of the year. This year will be no different reports all indicate the approaching Galaxy S9 after the release of the phone and Note 8 in last September.

If you are coming to buy a new phone from Samsung you might be at a loss what if you are supposed to buy the Note 8 is a great phone or wait a while isn’t much to buy S9, which certainly will contain things features not present in the Note 8. In this article we try to make it easy for you to get your decision by presenting the reasons that may push you to buy a Note 8 Now and other causes that pay you to wait until the S9.

Reasons to wait for Galaxy S9 وS9+

Surely the main reason that our Lord makes you wait for the phone from Samsung is that it will be better, over a lot of years the nurses come first to the series S is then improved with a series Note, so it would be at least there is a difference worth the wait between the two phones.

It is possible available for my S9 وS9+ feature a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which will be an advantage not present in any other phone that came with my phone Samsung S, which means that the company will continue to the best way to unlock the phone to become the Samsung the winner in this side during the next period. Also increased the battery capacity is one of it’s most anticipated phones S9 added to the capacity of the state’s largest camera best certainly. Rumors of the special sensor footprint of conflicting where they showed other rumors fingerprint sensor in the back, but who knows, maybe you do it Samsung.

Also, waiting for the phone looks like it won’t be for a long time, where according to reports the phone will be about the markets in late February. Whether reports are true or not, the phone won’t be delayed much in any case.

Certainly when you take the price of the Note 8 great the mind, it confirms that you’ll enjoy before buying a phone because you won’t buy a phone at this price every day most likely. No waiting for phones S price of a few, but the whole thing is that when you pay a large sum in the phone, you should stick to get better.

Reasons to buy Note 8 now

After clarifying the reasons that maybe make you wait until you see what you would say Samsung phones S9 وS9+, there are a lot of reasons that would buy the Note 8 now. The primary reason that maybe pays you so’s you don’t want to wait until the new phones and in this case the Note 8 phone even more awesome.

Also include the reasons that may push you to buy the Note 8 is your love the same series that may not see a new phone from them only after the passage of a large number of the month, so check the option you buy my Note 8 is not uncommon. But also keep in mind that S9+ will give you a big screen as you will when owning a Note 8.

Also if the projected improvements for Galaxy S9 of a new segment to the camera and her sexy look for you, you have to take the decision and buy the Note 8, although the improvements may be important to some, but it’s probably not important for you to wait for her. it would be a waste of time and nothing more.

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