Quarterly report AMD’s demand for GPU mining drops

AMD report for the third quarter of 2018, said the increase in revenues to $ 1.65 billion. This is 4 percent more than last year. However, the company is expected to earn 1.7 billion. The decrease in profit is due to the General decline of the company’s revenues in the segment of computing and graphics chips. Due to the decline in demand for graphics cards has fallen slightly and the cost of the GPUs.

In turn, income from the segment of the AMD computing and graphics chips grew by 12 percent compared to last year. To reach the level of $ 938 million, apparently, helped the sales of desktop and mobile processors Ryzen.

According to the forecast AMD’s revenue in the fourth quarter should be 1.45 billion, which is 8 percent more compared to last year. Then the company’s revenues are recorded at around 1.34 billion.

The ratio of AMD to the blockchain

Earlier AMD CEO Lisa su said that AMD sees in the blockchain the opportunity for short-term diversification. She noted the importance of technology, expressed in the availability of P2P transactions, decentralization of the network and a relatively high level of security.

In the first quarter of this year, the CEO of AMD said that the company recorded growth above all expectations.

However, this is not a reason to jump into the hype around the blockchain, so the company could focus on its key markets.

AMD shares fall

After the publication of the report, the company’s shares is based on Nasdaq fell 9 percent to 22.79 USD. Reuters explains the drop in that projected revenues were below the expectations of investors. Previously, analysts have noted that the stock AMD slightly spurred unprecedented demand for equipment that can be used for mining.

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