Qualcomm will this year rely on the company TSMC for Technology 7 Nm own

Qualcomm Snapdragon

According to people familiar with the project, have stated that Qualcomm will rely on the company TSMC to produce the next generation of its leading smartphones using the process of 7 Nm instead of relying on Samsung. This is the second time that we hear about it, so there is strong reason to believe that these rumors carry some truth. The company was TSMC oversees the manufacturing of processors Snapdragon to Qualcomm for many years, but the company decided us to move to rely on Samsung instead of the Taiwanese company to produce its processors with processes 14 and 10 Nm.

It was Qualcomm dealing with a company TSMC since the production of the first processor using the process of 65 Nm in 2006, but it seems that in this time she managed to get the Taiwanese company details on the Samsung and the evaluation of the manufacturing process 7 nm the most advanced partners. Will start company TSMC work on manufacture of processors, the chips were using the process of 7 Nm at the end of this year, there is reason to believe that the company TSMC will be the chip of the season that supports the 5G company of America. Coincide this rumor with a report released earlier this month about the intention of the company to TSMC to increase production by 7 Nm to meet the huge demand of the various partners.

But Qualcomm is not the only company affected processors interested in providing manufacturing 7 Nm. The company announced MediaTek officially for the season Helio M70 which supports the fifth-generation networks in partnership with the company TSMC will begin production in early 2019. Sources indicate that the Processor HiSilicon Kirin upcoming flagship from Huawei will depend on the same technology, we have also heard that the company Xiaomi is working closely with a Taiwanese company to create its own processor, although the latter will be dedicated to the smart phones available as it will be manufactured using 16-nanometer manufacturing process is costly.

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