Qualcomm will show why we need 5G

Recently we did a survey about how you are going to buy 5G-smartphone at the start or not. In the same article shared his opinion about new generation networks, so as at the upcoming MWC announcement of 2019 they expect many.

And today, Qualcomm Technologies announced that at the Mobile World Congress 2019 it will demonstrate its technology 5G New Radio (NR). As part of the demonstration Qualcomm will show and tell about the use of improved mobile broadband (eMBB) on the basis of the standards 15 and 16 3GPP releases.

Also the company will show a network deployment inside buildings in the mmWave range, which is designed to deliver high performance multigigabit connection with low latency for smartphones, PCs and other connected devices.

One of these features Qualcomm will demonstrate using a commercial 5G network 5G modem Snapdragon X50, where the calculations performed locally, increase peripheral additional cloud computing with the help of compound 5G with a minimum of delay. Also, this modem boasts high energy efficiency.

In addition to stories about the capabilities of mobile networks of new generation Qualcomm will demonstrate some new devices. One of them will be new modem Snapdragon X55, which surpassed its predecessor in many aspects (speed, range and connection reliability, bandwidth).

The other device will become the new Qualcomm QTM antenna 525. It has largely been better than its predecessor, but its main advantage is size. This antenna is so small that can be placed in all 4 end sides to avoid possible antennagate, when the user closes the palm of the antenna and signal reception is much worse.

According to the company, pushing the entire mobile industry forward by developing its high-tech and most popular in the world of mobile processors in the near future, we expect such scenarios everyday. And all this, of course, with the widespread introduction of mobile networks of new generation.

One of the scenarios is to “View video content”. According to the opinion of Qualcomm in the near future because of the 5G networks, we will be able to watch VR video in high quality without any freezes and lags. For example, we will be able almost literally to visit a sports match while it is live and to be not on the best seats in the first row, and right in the center of the site or field, practically watching the game through the eyes of the player.

Also slitely is likely to be given the opportunity directly in real time with a special application rewinding the best moments of the match, looking at them again and change the view from one camera to another at any point in the game, and the AI will tell you at what point it’s best to pay attention.

Moving away from the topic of sports, was said about the fact that the speed of 5G networks will be a great boost for the AR industry. As we recently said in material about the vision AR from Google, in the future we will be able to see the signs on the route directly in front of you in the street, staring at the screen of the smartphone.

All these demonstrations 5G NR will be shown and narrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February at the booth of Qualcomm Technologies.

And why in your opinion need 5G network and whether they now need?
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