Qualcomm wants to get a share in the company Xiaomi


The company Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers for Android devices few that work on expanding its market share rapidly in the major markets around the world. It is also preparing to go public a long-awaited which is expected to value the company at $ 70 billion USD. Having said that, it appears that Qualcomm is specialized in the manufacture of microprocessor chips were you want to get a share in this Chinese company and that the IPO is a chance to get part of the company Xiaomi. According to a new report released today, the company Qualcomm is a foreign investor only in Xiaomi after that I got the latter on an investment of $ 100 million from Qualcomm for the IPO.

Let My newspaper The South China Morning Post that she saw the official paper reveal the investment company Qualcomm up to $ 100 million in the company Xiaomi. It is expected that the value of the company’s IPO of approximately $ 70 million as has been already mentioned.

Will investors key to securing their investment in the company Xiaomi for a period of six months after the IPO. Qualcomm is the foreign investor is the only investor-the seven core company Xiaomi, at least according to the report.

There is a relationship between the two companies already due to the use of processors Snapdragon, a subsidiary of Qualcomm widespread in Devices, a subsidiary of Xiaomi. I’ve worked Xiaomi company to use Qualcomm’s processors in its devices since 2011. Will not make the IPO to buy Xiaomi in Hong Kong. Is the offering of 2.18 million shares at a price ranging between $ 17 The Hong Kong and US $ 22 Hong Kong per share. Will use 30% of the proceeds of the initial public offering for the purposes of research and development to create entirely new products.


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