Qualcomm unveils the first details of the Senate 865

Revealed Manager, Product Management at Qualcomm, Jody Hipp, in a press interview about the most important improvements coming to the chip centre, which confirmed that the centre 865 high Will standard HDR10+ new from the company, it is worth mentioning that the standard HDR10 was produced initially by Samsung in 2017, and after that the giant Korean dealers HDR10+ to get the best photo.

Now working as a Qualcomm herself on the living HDR10+ which will be shown for the first time addressed the new which indicated the presence of HYIP that will centre 865, but has confirmed that it will be the final name, where he is the Caliph expected Senate 855, but may still be subject to change, and states that the Senate 855 user devices the new Samsung which was unveiled in Barcelona this year already support the standard HDR10+ we are only talking today about Qualcomm and not Samsung.

So the new standard of the giant company will compete with Samsung’s new, besides the processor support of the new standard, she said Jude’s flames that the new processor will get a big update in regards to the cameras, where the cameras up to 192 maps, explaining that this amendment wasn’t added before because the precision mode, Supreme supports 30 and 60 FPS.

Source: gizmochina

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