Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon processor 8cx ad hoc for laptops Windows

كوالكوم تكشف النقاب عن معالج Snapdragon 8cx المخصص للحواسيب المحمولة بنظام ويندوز

While going to the Intel side and AMD on the market of processors for laptops, trying to Qualcomm again compete in this market after the car is widely on the market of processors for phones, but every time you find great difficulty to enter the market of computers, except this time you want to break the old habit with a Snapdragon 8cx dedicated hardware operating system Windows.

And the company through the chip processing of the new Snapdragon 8cx to build a foundation to move forward in the market of laptops, this chip is not designed specifically for high-potential, but the wave of devices expected, or that you know been 2-1 which began to spread dramatically in recent years.

Was Qualcomm processors deliver earlier, but their use was limited to system hardware Chrome, except for the Galaxy Book 2 of Samsung and C630 WOS from Lenovo who works two windows.

The company faces a challenge in convincing hardware manufacturers to use its processors on hardware system Windows, especially since Microsoft’s system requires the high potential to provide good performance, therefore, was successful in convincing them to use the processors on the system Chrome often. However, they are with the new processor is looking to change that.

The company says that her therapist will travel in the second half of the year 2019, used with processor graphics Adreno 680 Extreme to do this poor performance to address the computers of the previous Snapdragon 850.

And speaking of techniques, the processor is the first processor for the computer-based report of 7 nm, which we saw in her therapist Snapdragon 855 custom phones two days ago, as that processor would strongly electric 7 watt, but at the same time will be the efficiency similar to those offered by processors of the other devices on the power 15 watt.

It means providing a choice of distinctive companies for the use of the processor, especially since most of the devices 2-1 lead in the market with products 15-watt, but add other possible is the ability of the processor to support memory ram LPDDR4x up to 16 GB after that was previous processors supports up to 4 GB.

Besides, the processor will techniques rapid charging for providing the laptops, as it will maintain the battery for a long time up for the whole day, as did the previous processor 850 on a Galaxy Book 2 like.

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