Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 855 begins with the journey of 5G

كوالكوم تكشف عن Snapdragon 855 وتبدأ معه رحلة 5G

Qualcomm unveiled America at its annual conference in Hawaii, unveiled the latest chip its or processed, Snapdragon 855, which will techniques the fifth generation of communications, the 5G, the processor prints an ultrasound the bottom of the screen, you will see a goal to buy Android phones next year as it is general.

Qualcomm said that the chip Snapdragon 855 new comes with 7 nm after that it was used the technique of 10 nm in the products of the former, which means more power at the speed of phones that you will use at the same time more efficient in maintaining the battery.

Will the new chip technology the fifth generation Telecom 5G and fully to speed “several GB” according to the company, but with the help of modem fifth generation X50 LTE which was announced by the company about two months ago, which means the possibility of making the support of the technical optional depending on the phone manufacturer to add the the chip.

And Qualcomm through Snapdragon 855 to provide greater speed in data processing and evaluation techniques of artificial intelligence, which is something you know about with all the time, says that the new processor will provide a speed about 3 times the previous processor in this task. The company also will add what is known as the treatment of computer vision (CVP) which will enable smart cameras to identify image content.

As for the other feature you can add to the company, they are a fingerprint sensor ultrasound 3D Sonic Sensor, which will be the bottom of the screen to experience the insight on the screen in a manner similar to what appeared with Huawei phones up, but the company says that its technology is the most protective and effective especially after the influence of external factors such as sweating.

Continue conference Qualcomm today is expected to give new details about the Snapdragon 855 and interior provided by the processing platform, as you like to call them the police, so we will follow any new in other reports.

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