Qualcomm unveils new chip for Bluetooth for wireless headsets available price

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It was a week crowded for Qualcomm. Initially, the police made us remove the curtain officially announced three new processors for smartphones bearing the names Snapdragon 632 and Snapdragon 439 and Snapdragon 429. After that, the company announced the Processor Snapdragon Wear 2500 for smart watches specially designed for kids, and now Qualcomm decided to also detect the new chip called Qualcomm QCC3026 Bluetouth Audio.

As suggests the name, this new chip aimed headphones headphones ear wireless medium, low, and Qualcomm that the Protocols of the TrueWireless Stereo adopted in this chip works to sync the phone left and right is so perfect, and also lowering energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared with normal speakers. Here below is a list of the main specifications of this new chip :


Expected to start seeing wireless headsets that include this new chip from Qualcomm in the second half of this year, knowing that he was already announced the first wireless earphones to use this chip, and of course headphones for Oppo O-Free that announced by the company Oppo earlier today.



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