Qualcomm unveils 3 processors Snapdragon new

كوالكوم تكشف عن 3 معالجات سنابدراغون جديدة

Qualcomm has announced that America’s leading industry processors of smart phones on the three new processors customized for phones and tablets (tablet) average capacity price, as part of the series Snapdragon 400 and 600.

Come the new processors Snapdragon 429 and 439 series processors 400, which is faster and more efficient to maintain energy of the company’s products previous 425 و430 that were used in phones last year, so that the Processor 429 can support phones with a camera accurately 16 megapixels or support dual camera lens with 8 megapixels each, the Processor 439 camera support up, accuracy up to 21 megapixels.

The processor 600 series, it is the Processor 632 which is faster by about 40% than the previous 626 and supports screen resolutions of 1080p, cameras accurately 24 megapixels or camera lens double with 13 each, as it supports high quality video capture 4K, and the connection speed is great.

After the launch of Qualcomm for the processors for phones medium possibilities, it is expected that the share within the phones which will be launched in the second half of the year from different companies.

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