Qualcomm unveils 3 new processors for mid-

Still Qualcomm is working tirelessly to bring everything you can from the techniques for the production of processors high performance, low price, today revealed the giant company for 3 processors the new wave of smart phones of middle class.

About a month ago from now, Qualcomm has launched a series processors Snapdragon 700 capable of performing the functions of artificial in the best possible way. Although they existed primarily for the medium category, but it supports a lot of the techniques that were the preserve of processors for flagship smartphones.

It seems that the giant company is ready to move on, as has officially unveiled the 3 new processors for Cell Phones of the middle class is the Snapdragon 632, the Snapdragon 439, the Snapdragon 429 all support techniques and artificial will be available for the right price for smart phones are available.

Tell Qualcomm that their Snapdragon 632 provides better performance by up to 40% compared to the processors series 600 other, as it is already supports some advanced techniques, including techniques for artificial techniques and networks of the fourth generation LTE advanced.

The highlights of the other plugins that came with processor Snapdragon 632 was at the level of the camera, where it supports the ability to record video in 4K and get the HD +FHD depending on the camera background one accurately 24 megapixel camera or dual camera accuracy of each 13-megapixel camera.

The Processor of the second Snapdragon 439 provides a better experience for the users owners of the limited budget, where he works on enhancing the camera experience also improves the phone’s performance and processing speed of graphics and energy efficiency by up to 25%. Drawing on this processor, the phone will be able to support a camera background accuracy of 21 megapixel camera or dual camera accurately 8 megapixel camera.

The processor is the latest Snapdragon 429, it is assumed that optimizes the performance of your smartphone by up to 50% compared to the A series processors Snapdragon 400 old, as he will be able to support the screen content, accuracy +HD Camera wallpaper double precision 8-megapixel camera or a single camera accuracy of 16-megapixel.

The arrival of these processors to markets means that we may soon see Smartphones from the middle class perform better than they used to be and the price is cheaper, do you think that this will bring many users to acquire phones of medium price and good performance instead of smart phones leading?


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