Qualcomm shares is witnessing the rise of resounding rose by 23% after registration with Apple

سهم كوالكم يشهد صعود مدوي بنسبة ارتفاع 23% بعد التسوية مع آبل

Started triggered the settlement between the giant Semiconductor Qualcomm and iPhone are springing sold as seen Qualcomm shares rose by 23% to 70.45 dollars during the period of deliberation regular beat after hours limit 75.25 $ can be recorded by the company over nineteen years.

And Intel has announced the cancellation of work on the production of modem fifth generation of smart phones after a few hours of the declaration of registration snap between Apple and Ko you, which in turn means the return of embrace iPhone to chip the last of the new, especially in the next versions and with regard to the techniques of the fifth generation.

Despite the consequences of the declaration of tolerance, which makes us think for a moment its reflection negative impact on Intel but its share was not affected, but rose by 2.7% to 58.25 dollars; due to the lack of the company’s dependence on modem phones in their revenue mainly.

As to follow up the conflict between Qualcomm and Apple TV over the past years how to enter the intel on a plan to support the iPhone supplies necessary to see that the latter got rid of the trouble, and that Qualcomm and Apple TV excluded mutually certainly with me that registration as a deal of the American Trilogy to confront adversaries and on top of Huawei !

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