Qualcomm reveal helmet virtual reality integrated work wirelessly and the computers

كوالكوم تكشف عن خوذة واقع افتراضي متكاملة تعمل لاسلكيًا وعلى أجهزة الحاسوب

Qualcomm announced at the game developers conference in San Francisco about a new helmet of virtual reality as Boundless XR which comes in an integrated and self-contained with any device, not just phones ad hoc, as it works wireless.

Usually, do not allow glasses or helmets virtual reality to connect the user with the computer to get a different experience of virtual reality, but only contact with phones assigned to them. But with Boundless XR will it be the more free and integrated.

Aims Qualcomm of her helmet to enable users to get the experience of cross-platform actually different, and also provides the freedom to work with computers for games with reality and as fast as 60 GHz, and the field of view of six degrees.

And Boundless XR processor Snapdragon 845 – the previous generation of processors Qualcomm, but this seems normal with police work a long time on the helmet which allowed tested mainly on this processor. Will include helmet with any device you have to connect technology 802.11 ad Wifi the software program Qualcomm system.

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