Qualcomm require to ban iPhones XR and iPhone XS also in China

iPhone XS Max

Last Monday, a court in China issued a provision to ban the import and sale of some models of the iPhone because of the lawsuit between the company and Qualcomm and Apple TV. Should Apple pull its smart phones starting from iPhone 6S down to the iPhone X of the Chinese market, but the frequency that the iPhone that was released this year are not affected by this decision.

Apparently, the company believes Qualcomm’s otherwise, they are advanced now apply for an injunction to ban the import and sale of iPhone XS and iPhone XS and iPhone XR in China as the next step in their legal battle with Apple.

This procedure is another step in the legal battle between both companies which still fall way short of reaching an agreement on the license fee of patents. It is interesting to find an American company says banning the product the company another American on foreign soil, because that would strengthen the competitiveness of local businesses more.

Has warned Apple that the ban would put the manufacturers of Chinese such as Foxconn, indicated that it stands behind the creation of 5 million jobs in the supply chain in the country. The newspaper quoted a representative of Apple saying that ” will force the company to trade with the other party, which will reflect negatively on all other manufacturers of smart phones which will be forced to pay licensing fees high and unreasonable “.



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