Qualcomm planning to invest in artificial intelligence techniques$ 100 million

كوالكوم تخطط للاستثمار في تقنيات الذكاء الاصطناعي بـ100$ مليون

Expressed Qualcomm Ventures is the investment arm to buy Semiconductor Qualcomm’s plan to invest and support startups in the field of artificial intelligence, trapped, any which can be incorporated into the devices different phones with$ 100 million, where cross-investment manager Qualcomm Albert Wang from the pursuit of the company’s current the fact that artificial intelligence is the future.

The idea is to invest in artificial intelligence by seeing Wong in the devices themselves away from the techniques of artificial intelligence based on cloud services, he explained his idea to the fact that the operations of artificial intelligence is geared towards intensive effort that relies on cloud computing, he added while talking with the voice assistant Alexa, none of the operations are performed on the device itself; it is taken through the process of addressing the cloud has some problems, including those related to privacy, and was wondering what if Alexa more privacy away from the flight computerized by avoiding immediate when you ask questions.

And don’t think this is the first of Qualcomm investment in the field of artificial intelligence has previously invested in the company SenseTime Chinese competent of facial recognition in addition to invest in leadership programs self-buy a Cruise and a number of other exceptions sought and continues to seek the company which keeps you in the forefront and lead the future.

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