Qualcomm officially announced the processor Snapdragon 675 source using technology 11 Nm

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Earlier today, Qualcomm announced that the company OnePlus will be among the first companies that will launch smart phones that support the 5G in the next year. Now, the company decided the American official unveiling of a new processor for smartphones, called Snapdragon 675 the and New make it offers a better performance compared with the processor Snapdragon 670 current.

Processor Snapdragon 675 new features eight cores Kryo 460. Two of these nuclei of eight based on the Cortex-A76 in order to perform the most complex tasks, while using the remnant cores on the Cortex-A55 for the task least complicated and consumption of energy more efficiently. When it comes to the processor the sound processor and graphics, they remained stagnant without change so that it still uses the image processor Spectra 250, processor and graphics Adreno 612.

The Qualcomm designed the processor Snapdragon 675 with taking the games into account so that has been making it work more efficiently with game engines like Unity and Unreal and Messiah and NeoX. There are also support tools and one software famous games like Vulkan, OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL.

Moreover, it has the Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 675 also strengthening the capacity of the camera so that this processor supports three cameras at the back with up to 16 megapixels or one camera accurately 25 megapixels. Change comes when you take the picture with the editor artificial intelligence a new multi-nuclear, and provide up to 50% of the overall improvements.

As you can expect, the deals with Snapdragon 675 new also supports fast charging technology +Quick Charge 4. When it comes to technologies for communication, this processor supports Bluetooth 5, Dual VoLTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, dual band, antennas 2 x 2 MIMO, as well as LTE Cate. 12 which means a download speed of up to 600 megabits per second. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the processor Snapdragon 675 already available to manufacturers of smart phones and devices consumer early next year.



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