Qualcomm is facing a court ruling back fondly on the market of chips and a large fee for licensing

Was Trade Commission of America has filed suit against Qualcomm in January 2017, the charges of violating the law of the monopoly and a lot of fees for the licensing of patents invented other companies.

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Made court San Jose American sudden decision confirms to accusations Qualcomm violated the anti monopoly, as it charges the elimination of its competitors by imposing large fees to license patents the company, also came to the court order in the accusations against Qualcomm need to re-negotiate with the companies in licensing fees to the patent company, and to amend the fees to a fair level for its competitors.

It was the beginning of the Federal Trade Commission, which filed a lawsuit in 2017 accusing Qualcomm imposition of the fee amounts on the licensing of a patent invented, which is a violation of the law monopoly.

The decision comes after the arrival of Qualcomm to settle with Apple recently, in another lawsuit, agreeing Apple to continue paying the fees specified by Qualcomm for licensing the patents the company.

I have noted the decision of the court that Qualcomm’s use of patents to raise much of the billions of phone manufacturers, up to a percentage of the price of a smartphone, and that the policy of Qualcomm led to inflict a lot of damage to competitors in the markets as a result of control of the company on the technical equipment of indigenous manufacture the chip, as pointed out to me that the development of the Qualcomm chip modem 5G will lead to the continued violation of the Qualcomm law of the monopoly and exaggeration in the charges.


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