Qualcomm is demanding Apple Pay a 7$ billion cases of patent

كوالكوم تطالب آبل بدفع 7$ مليارات امتيازات لبراءات الاختراع

In pursuing a series of legal cases in the courts between semiconductor company Qualcomm and Apple, said the recent hearing in the court last Friday, that Apple had failed to pay the dues of the rights of the franchise of $ 7$ million to use the chip company in its phones for many years.

The manufacturer of iPhone, has accused the company Qualcomm in the earlier illegality of the license to use the patents to prevent their products being based on the exploitation of its consumers in a monopoly, and to have the last slap of the counter filed a case accusing Apple of violating a patent chip in the iPhone.

In no means permit this company to the $ 7 billion already on the Apple TV; but it reflects the extent to which his accusations by the police against a consumer chip to its previous, stable development between Apple and Qualcomm on benefits of the concession mentioned by Qualcomm in front of the court, where she said the Apple TV to other suppliers previous chip “Kolkata” was forcing the state twice for the use of the patent itself; one is to use the chip in the iPhone and in the right fee for the privilege to use.

Where replied Qualcomm legality of this request and the fact that Apple seeks to destroy its business plan, where to raise the issue again last month out of the follow in the technique of modem its and its competitor Intel.

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