Qualcomm introduced reference VR-helmet on the Snapdragon platform 845

Qualcomm has shown off a new reference platform for virtual reality helmets built on the flagship chipset of the company.

Based on reference VR-helmet is the Snapdragon chipset 845. It contains eight cores Kryo 385, four of which operate with a clock frequency up to 2.8 GHz, and four GHz to 1.8. For the graphical part is responsible accelerator Adreno 630.

The VR helmet provides tracking with 6 degrees of freedom and the function Roomscale, tracking the user’s location in the room. Thus, the helmet can be used as a standalone gadget, no need connect to PC or external cameras. Another feature was the technology Adreno Foveation: the helmet will follow the direction of gaze and to direct the power of graphics in the appropriate area. The sharpness of the image is above where the user’s gaze.

Developers can equip such devices with two screens with a resolution of 2400х2400 pixels each, and a refresh rate of 120 frames per second.

The company Qualcomm is not interested in issuing its own helmet of a virtual reality. So we can expect the announcement of VR-devices from other manufacturers, built on the basis of the proposed design.

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