Qualcomm has introduced the most powerful processor for laptops

It was the third day of the summit, Qualcomm, under which the company made a surprise announcement and presented the world’s first processor made for 7-nm process technology, for personal computers. Chipset Snapdragon 8cx differs highest performance, able to work with powerful graphics, provides long battery life and can be used in computers running Windows 10.

Snapdragon 8cx became a serious claim on the market of personal computers. The mobile platform is equipped with Adreno 680 which is twice as powerful as the previous generation. This allowed us to add support for two external monitors with 4K resolution. To cope with the “heavy” tasks also helps coprocessor Hesagon 650, and under “the hood” at the new eight cores Kryo 495 high performance and 10 MB cache in the third level.

A new era of processors

As noted in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx performance is comparable with 15-watt processors, this platform is much more energy efficient — processors 7 watts. At the same time, the Qualcomm chipset is an important advantage, because it not only smaller in size, but don’t require active cooling.

The future of laptops

Of the features and characteristics it is clear that this would be the perfect processor for laptop: an energy-efficient, small, does not require active cooling. In addition, the platform supports up to 16 GB of RAM and SSD NVMe LPDDR4x, that is, producers will be able to install solid state drives with the highest speed of reading and writing. The decision will be one of the best personal computers on the Windows (who knows, maybe the built-in cellular module “will be delivered”).

In addition, 8cx Snapdragon supports fast charging and work with USB 3.1, which provides data transfer rate up to 10 GB/s. Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ charge computer faster and support voice assistants like Alexa, Amazon and Microsoft Cortana will help you to automate part of the tasks and to instruct them in automation.

As for applications, Qualcomm currently optimizes the most IN demand among users, so soon they will be able to migrate to the new platform. Their interest already expressed some laptop manufacturers (and someone is already testing prototypes), so the first serial device we can see in 2019.

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