Qualcomm has become open-minded about the idea of signing a deal with the company Broadcom

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Company has advanced Broadcom offer to acquire Qualcomm a few months ago, but the offer was refused immediately by the company industry-leading processors. Then the company Broadcom then review the displayed and made another offer rejected by the company Qualcomm also. There was a lot of back and forth about this subject since then, but it seems that Qualcomm may finally be open about the deal of the acquisition with the company Broadcom. Has suggested Qualcomm talks about the price with the company Broadcom for the first time ever after the offer by the latter, amounting to 117 billion USD.

Considered the proposal of Qualcomm talks about the price first step toward a possible deal. At least, this suggestion shows a willing part of the company Qualcomm, which was previously not even willing for people to view Broadcom. Comes the suggestion after the meeting, the second between the two companies last week. Police said yesterday that all the presentations made by company Broadcom reduce the value of Qualcomm but is now proposing that both companies bring to the negotiating table and discuss prices, and also look closely at the books to each other.

The President of Qualcomm, Mr. Paul Jacobs this proposal in a letter to Mr. Hock Tan, President and CEO of Broadcom, referring to that it should be on the two companies to hold a meeting focusing on the price in the nearest time because that would be convenient for both parties.

Just because Qualcomm suggested talks about price doesn’t mean that he can reach a deal. It is likely that the availability of each of Qualcomm and Broadcom a fair price for both companies, and if you can’t reach a deal, there won’t be any progress in this regard.


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