Qualcomm get a court ruling in Germany banning the sale of phones iPhone

The conflict with the existing legal corridors of the courts between Qualcomm barrage, and a new charge Qualcomm win again in the courts of Germany, after the court recognized the infringement of Apple on patented Qualcomm issued a ruling with caution selling phones, the iPhone in Germany.

German court- Apple - Qualcomm- patents

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Issued a new ruling against Apple in the courts of Germany in the conflict with the existing legal with Qualcomm, where violated Apple’s rights patented Qualcomm technology the world in each of my phone the iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 they also used this technique without prior authorization from Qualcomm with rival company, namely Intel.

It is provided in accordance with this judgement new that are preventing the sales of these versions of phones iPhone in Germany, however, sales of these versions used in the retail gas subsidiary of Apple.


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