Qualcomm expects to deal with the Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan

Qualcomm Snapdragon

The legal department in Qualcomm works on some level in recent years, has been raised several lawsuits against the company by Apple, and has been fined by the Fair Trade Commission Korean $ 927 million USD, while it has been fined by the European Commission in the amount of 1.2 million USD.

Now able to the American company at least stop to deal with the Fair Trade Commission of Taiwan. The dispute began in the year 2017 the total fine imposed on Qualcomm at the time of about 778 million USD because Qualcomm refuses to sell processors, the chips were their own manufacturers for devices that do not agree to the terms of the license patents for specific. In addition, Qualcomm is offering a discount for a supply of chips season exclusively for iPhone.

In the end, instead of the payment of 778 million USD, Qualcomm was fined only $ 93 billion USD the company pledged to invest $ 700 million in Taiwan over the next five years. Furthermore, the Taiwanese authorities to buy Qualcomm to conduct business as usual by charging a fee based on the price of each smart phone.

However, the company will be forced America to submit two annual reports to the Commission Taiwan to ensure the integrity of the deals to license the patent, and there will be also a need to provide patent licenses to its competitors before competing against in court. As expected, I think competitors Qualcomm, including MediaTek Inc. the decision of the Commission of the Taiwanese, because they think that ” will have a negative impact on the networks of the fifth generation in Taiwan, thus damaging the competitive world of Taiwan “.

To return to the amount you pledged Qualcomm reinvest in Taiwan. The company will establish Facilities for new manufacturing and will work closely with the universities of Taiwan and startups bring technology to the networks of the fifth generation to the country.



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