Qualcomm confirms the demands of the Apple led to the expenditure of $ 250 million annually

Use of legal disputes between Apple and Qualcomm in the corridors of international courts, and in statements of the new from Qualcomm in a case in the list, stressed that the demands of the Apple led to the fining of the company’s expenses up to $ 250 million annually.


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Try Qualcomm strives to achieve the victory of the last on the Apple company in the legal proceedings existing, in the framework of these attempts, said Qualcomm to Judge Lucy Koh that the company was trying hard to protect the patent in the manufacture of the chip, which is the reason why Qualcomm to impose a fee to use the patent.

I have filed a Qualcomm during the recent period, the slogan “no chip, no license”, where, according to Qualcomm, it did not reject any client of the company, however, they were unable to develop estimates of the pricing fair and consistent with all clients of the company, where took part the competent authorities of non-discrimination in pricing between companies.

Also added Qualcomm to license fees imposed on the companies, came with the aim to continue the development of chip technology and patent, with the improvement of the company’s products.

Also reviewed James Thompson chairman of the Department of echnology Qualcomm during the trial the cost is spent from Qualcomm to upgrade modems on Apple, which up to 250 million dollars annually, with these upgrades and improvements in accordance with the request of the prior of the Apple.

Recall that Apple used the technology to Qualcomm in the chipset since 2011 to 2015, and then began to Apple to Intel gradually.


I know of

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