Qualcomm confirms phones 2019 the cameras up to the accuracy of 100 megapixels

Confirmed Qualcomm in official statements recently that some of the next versions of the premium smartphones will have cameras up to a resolution of 64 and 100 megapixels.

Qualcomm official says 64MP and 100MP phones are coming in 2019

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Revealed Judd Heape of Qualcomm in the comments recently that the technique of the cable car in the premium smartphones, which will be revealed through 2019, and will be released to the accuracy of the 64 and 100 mega pixel camera in the specification of the cable car.

I have revealed the leaks were published during the financial period to chip the Qualcomm processor supports even the accuracy of 192 mega pixel cameras, comes from the chip the Snapdragon processor 660، 670، 675، 710، 845، 855، however, access to this level in the sensor of the camera will lead to sacrifice of other advantages including reducing noise in the frames of the multiple, or the speed of response of the shutter also.

So in increasing the accuracy of the cameras to this level will not support the technique of combining more than one image in one image with the highest quality display, it only supports the production of a single image at the highest resolution and then adjust the pixels to get the lower resolution.

From another side come cameras possible sensor 48 mega pixel camera now with merging every 4 pixels into one point, to support the pictures accurately display the 12 mega pixel camera, so it is expected to support cameras that will rise to the level of 64 mega pixel camera to produce images accurately display 16 mega pixel camera.

Also expected to take the new versions of smart phones the opposite direction to provide Samsung phones Galaxy S10, or Google in phones Pixel 3, or also the iPhone XS from Apple, where these versions of the report collect the tire sensor characteristic at low resolution to produce images featuring details of more accurate and less noise and the clarity and purity of the largest.

Recall that a spokesman for Qualcomm also revealed that the processor chip Snapdragon 865 will come with a technical support HDR10 to record video and also to continue technical smartphone cameras in the rapid development during the coming period.


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