Qualcomm announces Snapdragon processor 8cx of personal computing to compete with Intel

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Announced the company Qualcomm, which is the largest provider of chips for smartphones, on Thursday to reach the market of PC, through the provision of a range of chips specifically designed to run computers in the business sector.

Although the chips the American company is most prevalent in the smart phone market, including phones Samsung leading, but she tried through the years to modify these chips to run personal computers running MS Windows, the unpack goal to accelerate the operation of those devices and make them connected to the internet always, as smart phones and tablets.

But those chips used by Qualcomm to match the person he copies the rate from the processors of smart phones, which they wouldn’t be able to run on personal computers as do the processors Intel or AMD. So I announced a new series dedicated to match the profile of the chips, called “Snapdragon 8 car x” Snapdragon 8cx.

It is the highlight of a processor “Snapdragon 8 Policy X.” The New its ability to support a copy of the business sector of the Windows operating system, “Windows 10 Enterprise,” Windows 10 Enterprise, compared to the chips of the former that supports the versions of consumers to Windows.

In this step, the Qualcomm become in direct competition with Intel, which dominates the market for processors for personal computers. It also seeks Qualcomm with the other company to break the dominance of Intel to market computers and data centers, as companies like Amazon to manufacture chips based on architecture ARM fit data centers.

Recall that a processor “Snapdragon 8 Car X” is new, is the eight-core processor, the first processor from the company to match the personal report of 7 nm, the company says it will provide “incredible performance battery” and connect to the internet cellular speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

The gate Arab News Technical Qualcomm announces Snapdragon processor 8cx of personal computing to compete with Intel

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