Qualcomm announces platform Snapdragon 675 accurately manufacture 11 Nm

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Qualcomm announced about its new platform for mobile devices Snapdragon 675, which supports settings cable treble control, and artificial intelligence, along with the Games performance and higher efficiency. Qualcomm-Snapdragon-675-Camera

Revealed Qualcomm for the new generation of platforms of mobile devices Snapdragon 675, which comes the performance and improvements 20% better from the previous version.

Supports to improve the performance of the platform Snapdragon 675 it was based on the core Cortex A76 new, with higher efficiency in 6 of the nuclei of Cortex A55, and arrange new house to work with editor Qualcomm Spectra 250 ISP, with the processing unit, Qualcomm Kryo 460, the card fee Adreno 612.

As pointed out Qualcomm platform Snapdragon 675 designed core and new manufacturing to support performance and higher efficiency in each of:


Added Qualcomm a range of improvements to support some of the games or game engines, which include Unity, the وUnreal, the وMessiah, and also NeoX.

Also include platform Snapdragon 675 new technology to support the interfaces and common code for applications such as Vulkan, and OpenGL 3.2, and OpenCL, and also Snapdragon profiler.



Engine supports Spectra 250 ISP of Qualcomm’s performance top in the cable car, with improvements in the efficiency of the export settings the camera triple in the back or the front of smart phones.

The platform also supports Snapdragon 675 better efficiency in the imaging lens of the telephoto, lenses possible wide-angle, also operate to support performance of the best in the filming of footage of possible angles is very wide.

Shooting mode portrait is also one of the areas that add to the platform Snapdragon 675 improvements, it has also been promoting technology to scan a three-dimensional of the face to unlock the phone, also allows the product recording videos in slow motion at 480 frames per second with the quality of the HD display.

The technique of artificial intelligence.

Come platform Snapdragon 675 engine to provide artificial intelligence, multi-nuclei, which supports the application of artificial intelligence efficiency standards and higher by 50%.

He also designed the Qualcomm technical editor of artificial intelligence to add improvements for mobile devices to support data collection more efficiently and then boost better the performance in use of technical artificial intelligence at taking pictures, video recording, coupled with the best in accelerated learning, and distinguish the user’s voice faster, with improved battery life.

Also add platform Snapdragon 675 better efficiency in the technique of artificial intelligence. when you use the features of the camera in auto focus, and rapid detection on the subject in the scene when shooting, this coupled with the technique of faster facial recognition and better protection in the payment system, it also supports the technique of artificial intelligence in education in acoustics.

It also confirmed the Qualcomm platform Snapdragon 675 new is now available to manufacturers of smart phones, it is estimated that up phones that include the new product in the first quarter of 2019.


This topic Qualcomm announces platform Snapdragon 675 accurately manufacture 11 Nm appeared on Engadget.

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