Qualcomm announce new processor headphones smartphone at the Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019


The Qualcomm issue processor Qualcomm QCC5100 Series that targets the headphones smartphone at the Google’s annual developers Google I/O 2019 to help manufacturers to create headphones smart good and faster.

It is not easy to create-ear headphones smart because the process of their manufacture include embed a small computer in the audio device is relatively small. In addition, it should be these headphones able to hear voice commands in all different environments in order to respond to voice commands. Of course, there are some clear and smart that do this, but when you work for Qualcomm and Google with the platform of the heavens and smart like Qualcomm QCC5100 Series, it should raise the interest of manufacturers.

Shook Qualcomm Killer in the past by providing the excellent products for smart watches, drones, smart cameras, etc. Building on its expertise in each of the registration images line engineering of smart phones, the Qualcomm have everything you need to create a handler or rather the platform characteristic for headphones smart.

Through the use of its expertise in the field of image processing during input and output, you can buy Qualcomm lifted an enormous burden from the manufacturers to the heavens which is considered an expert in the audio output representation, and not specifically in image processing. The contribution of Google in providing full support for the digital assistant Google Assistant and the mechanism of conjugations Fast Fast Pair.

Company Qualcomm to provide reference design, so you can other companies use the same technology and components with focus only on the design and user experience in the sky of smart own. In contrast, the end-users to witness the influx of more fish of the smartphone to the market soon, and perhaps reductions on the price level as well, but won’t assure us that only time.


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