Qualcomm and Apple drop all lawsuits against each other, and looked forward to a better future

Apple Company

In the court of San Diego, was all from Apple and Qualcomm unexpectedly all their disputes the legal. Was discovered that when it released the Apple and Qualcomm issued a joint press release containing the details of the iteration to drop the Suits, just as he finished the lawyer of Qualcomm’s main take notes opening.

According to the statement, include shopping pay Apple an amount has not been disclosed to Qualcomm as part of the license agreement for a term of six years as of April 1, 2019, and includes an extension option for two years. As he entered the two in an agreement to supply chips for multiple years.

” Today, our innovation is the foundation of the House experiences, industries, life-changing. While the money in the world to the fifth generation 5G, we imagine that the next big change in the cellular technology, which motivates us to enter a new era of smart devices and provide new opportunities in the automotive sector relating to, and providing health care services remotely, the Internet of things, including smart cities, smart homes, appliances and removable poncho “.

Provoke this unexpected news and rumors about whether the iPhone killer, in 2020, Apple will already have a modem and 5G, a subsidiary of Qualcomm or Intel as planned in the beginning. After the lawsuits the primary, it was on Apple to rely solely on Intel to provide a modem LTE for the iPhone, and thus get rid of its dependence on Qualcomm, so far, that was it.

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