Qualcomm acted by launching devices support 5G through this year!

He began to talk about 5G technology At the end of last year and the phones that will support the communication technology, the fifth generation, has announced some of the companies recently its intention to launch smartphones support 5G in through 2019.

كوالكوم تصرح بإطلاق أجهزة تدعم تقنية الجيل الخامس 5G خلال هذا العام!

Qualcomm acted by launching devices support 5G through this year!

At the end of last year, increased to talk deeply about the technology of 5G, and conflicted statements about the phones that will support those ultra-high-speed. Even announced some of the companies in a formal intention to launch the phones 5G in 2019.

But New we have today is that the phones and 5G will appear light this year !

According to park Vice President of Qualcomm “Durga and” in an interview with the newspaper “the economic times”, which explicitly said “there are multiple partners in the field of manufacturing equipment and phones, taking part in the launch of the first smart phone for the fifth generation before the end of this year, and should be Qualcomm leading also willing to provide touch 5G this year”

If we see the first phone that supports 5G through the year 2018.

It is believed the “Durga and” touch 5G will change the way of working on the internet significantly, why would his superior speed will revolutionize every thing, where the company will have communication speed 2 or 4 gigabit per second, at least double the speed currently offered by 4G .

Also wouldn’t be smart phones 5G Only devices that support this trend, but the expected availability of laptops support that high tech speed

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